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Trends of the Custom Paper Packaging Industry in 2020-2030

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Custom paper packaging is trendy among brands, and this trend is followed by almost every brand. When a customer buys a product, its packaging is the first brand image that a consumer encounter. So, packaging helps to develop a vision of the brand in the first impression. 

If we talk about the characteristics of packaging, then its aesthetics are significant considering factors. Every day there is an increase of brands competing on the global markets, and the inconsistent new consumers replace the consumers with traditional brand loyalty. It will become more critical when custom packaging keeps growing more popular with time.

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The improvement of printing technology and craftsmanship are the trends in the packaging industry. The brands of personal care, luxury, and gift packaging are gradually coming into the primary market like big players. Technology improvement means brands can establish a unique appearance and feel with their customers from the improved visual impact. Under this background, the development of printing technology will help to increase the complexity of future decoration effect. The following key trends will affect the custom paper packaging industry in 2020-2030.

  • Custom Packaging in large volumes

Brand owners are striving to improve consumer experience; further, the usage of customized packaging will increase. At the same time, paper packaging industries are looking to cut down printing costs to increase profit margins. For example, with the installation of a big inkjet machine, customized printing costs will reduce. The trend of using new tech advancements also benefits in increasing the number of orders from various brands because digital printing is more economical. 

  • Digital Printing
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It is expected that 2020 is the start of a new era full of the digital world. Digital printing uses the computer technology behind designing packaging designs and creating the images or graphics governing their appearance. It's not wrong to say that digital printing influences every bit and piece of today's world packaging, and there are no signals of stopping.

It allows packagers far more latitude in personalization and customizing options than mechanical processes. Most packaging factories switched from analog to digital systems. But it needs time to retool a factory completely. In 2020, only a handful of companies are not getting on the digital train and making that rising investment.

The packaging industry has gained one of the highest growths in the last ten years. The usage of digital presses grew, while conventional media declined.

It is estimated the by the end of 2024 global digital printing packaging market will reach $28 billion. That is proof of a significant trend changes in the packaging industry.

  • Plastic-Free

The use of plastic-free strategies is a trend that we should all embrace. In the last couple of years, fantastic advances are being shown in the renewable and compostable packaging materials. Businesses now focus on reducing the use of plastic, which creates massive waste and harmful toxins in the environment. Brands are implementing plastic-free strategies and urging the use of paper packaging for a more sustainable and efficient packaging industry.

  • Personalized Packaging

Digital printing makes it easier to create customized packaging and add personalization to brands' products. This trend has been growing for a few years, and it has a significant industry impact in 2020. Many top product brands have explored personalized packaging and found a substantial return on this innovative marketing strategy. One report says that 70% of marketers believe personalization has a strong or powerful impact on their customers. It allows a company to promote its brand and name in a forceful way that stands out from competitors.

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  • Innovation

There are many innovative ideas for beverage and alcoholic beverages. The consumers pay attention to the details and tactile feeling when they drink the beverage. Every day new and new innovative methods are being used in the paper packaging industry to increase the end consumer experience with the packaging. 

  • Use of Bold Gradients
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Gradients are widely used by packaging designers to create new, creative, and eye-catching effects by blending various colors and combinations. Such gradients also look tremendous in digital and physical forms, especially when printed on custom paper packaging boxes. For instance, custom printed eyelash packaging boxes, cardboard retail packaging boxes, etc. This design will be a significant trend in the coming years to introduce a new dimension to packaging industries and markets. 

  • Flexible Packaging
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Flexible packaging is a trend that is gaining enormous popularity, and there is a good reason for it. Technological advancements in flexible packaging materials make them suitable for far more consumer products today that were once restricted to hard and rigid materials. The most popular flexible packages are bags, wraps, pouches, and envelopes.

  • Minimalism
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When it comes to appealing and attractive custom packaging designs, minimalism isn't going anywhere for a good reason. Most of the successful brands are focusing on simplicity, textures, fonts, and printed messages carefully. They always try to show honest elements in their brand identity. They want to influence their customers by keeping the minimalist a vital property in their packaging designs. Simple shades, colors, and blond gradients are combined to guarantee that their product will stand out on the retail shelves to appeal to maximum potential customers.

  • Clean and Transparent Labelling

Presenting product information clearly and transparently is also a strong packaging industry trend in the coming years. It is all about honesty and trust. Nowadays, when consumers have so much access to internet information, they are better positioned to educate themselves about the choices of products. At the top of smart customers' interest list are the packaging methods and what their product contains.

Transparent and clean labeling strongly affects the packaging industry's food sector. More and more U.S. consumers scan food packages with their smartphones to find out exactly what they contain. The smart label on products immediately connects consumers to a landing page with full information about how clean this product may be. The desire for transparency will likely remain strong in the coming years as consumers will be more likely to buy a newly launched food product with clear product information.

The above packaging design trends will be taking over the custom paper packaging industry, and almost every factory will be adopting these trends.

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