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Get a Direct ROI through Printing and Packaging Services

Release date:2020/08/24Views:

Ever since e-commerce and many businesses have fallen victim to COVID-19, the companies have gone in a downward spiral. Custom printing and packaging businesses, for one, halted the manufacturing process. 

With much to say about businesses going bad, some managed to get a firm grip on smart tactics. For instance, Louis Vuitton started using their perfume production lines to make hand sanitizers, reported by BBC.
Moreover, in China, after the COVID-19 outbreak, Foxconn abruptly switched its production from iPhones to manufacture surgical masks.

With much to say about smart investments, there are three ways you can poke digital marketing into your custom printing and packaging business.

• Facebook Advertisements

As the infamous Tyler Durden, in Fight Club, says:

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy sh*t we don't need.”

He was right! Now is the perfect time to advertise your product on Facebook. There are a few businesses that got the best ROI in recent months with the help of a Facebook advertisement (a massive 25% revenue generation).

• User-generated Product Unboxing to Showcase Packaging

Give your customers a tangible understanding of the product they are about to purchase. A few other things you should care about while making unboxing videos are:
• Make the shipping label, brand, and logo evident
• Include subtitles

• Give a good glance of the box size

• Make it feel authentic

• A Professional and Polished Walkthrough

Other than unboxing videos, you need to give your customers a professional walkthrough of the product. It makes the content visually interesting. Your bottom line should show the quality and distinct sitting on someone’s porch after its delivery.

• Final Say

It is impossible to get a return on investment if you are not getting the best bang for your buck. Shortly, we can certainly predict the ROI of getting a fairly reasonable boost through the points we mentioned in our post. 

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