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Green initiative

Fansy takes sustainability and caring of our environment seriously. To be a sustainable business, we strike a balance among shareholders’ expectations, employees’ concerns, our supply chains, our community and the environment. We are cautious in all steps in order to contribute and be a responsible undertaking. Long-term measures are taken to meet or even exceed our sustainable targets for a better living of generations to come.

Our commitment to manage our business in a responsible way is embedded in the company’s values and business principles. We work and explore ways to reduce environmental impacts throughout the whole life cycle of our production, from raw material procurement to production, logistics, administration, sales, use and disposal.

Raw Materials
Using food-grade pure pulp paper and not recycled paper. All wood raw material for the production of the paper is sourced from dense, sustainable forests in the north of Europe. All suppliers have been accredited with FSC third-party environmental certifications for the forests they own and manage.
We only use brand inks from high quality suppliers: Bauhinia, Oriental, etc., To ensure the color is accurate, bright, stable quality.
Green Industry Partners

To ensure we deliver on what we plan, we have partnered with international industry leaders in sustainable packaging materials: SUN PAPER, Stora Enso, Chenming Group, Dupont and more.
All of them are ISO and BSCI certified.
Developing strong industry partners ensures that as a company we continue to lead by example and remain at the forefront of the sustainable eco-packaging industry.

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