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At Fansy Pack, we believe that our packaging boxes are only as good as the material we use to create it. We choose only the best eco-friendly materials for creating our products.

Whiteboard and ivory board materials directly from Sweden, covered by all the necessary certifications;
Corrugated boards sourced from local suppliers that use modern recycling equipment and manufacturing techniques;
Environment-friendly Edison inks and containers used for printing to create vivid and stunning images that are everlasting without causing environmental harm.
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As gift items come in different shapes and sizes, we offer customization options to meet the specific needs of your product. From gift boxes with standard covers to specially-shaped gift boxes with elaborate lids and designs, we are able to accommodate them all. We use a variety of materials you can choose from to fully-realize your gift boxes, ranging from kraft papers to coated papers.

We also accommodate any special design or printing requests to bring out the beauty of your gift boxes. Our team of designers is able to translate your design documents to beautiful printed materials using offset printing technology.

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Corrugated boxes are highly prominent in food delivery services, electronics sector, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics as well as in the e-commerce industry.

Corrugated boxes are proven to be a better option than their peers:

Made with eco-friendly recycled material;
Budget-friendly manufacturing solution;
More stable and durable than other boards;
Flexible enough for shaping to a specific style.

Get your corrugated box solutions from Kinghorn Packaging. We use locally-sourced eco-friendly corrugated boards that are made from food-grade, recycled materials.

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Fansy relates to the brand vision of your business. With that, we present a variety of paper materials to supplement your quality packaging needs:

Kraft Paper
Ivory Card Paper
Coated Paper

Fansy offers a large selection of sizes available for your chosen paper bag. Give us your desired sizes for your bulk order. In that way, we can customize to better fit our packaging to your business demands with logos and branding information that can be taken to the streets and serve as a mobile advertisement.

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