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At Fansy, we have our own in-house innovation center specialized to create new and creative packaging designs. Our aim is to continuously improve on design and to come up with new packaging structures that can be seamlessly applied to the latest material, equipment and print effect. We also aim to help our customers differentiate their product in the market. Fansy provides customized designs for customers that have special requirements or who wants to improve on their existing packaging.

Pre - Press

Pre-press services include paper engineering, film assembly, digital pre-press colour separation, film & proof-making together with the provision of pre-production sampling. Our fully-integrated digital scanners, computerized page-assembly and imposition software provide a complete digital workflow, enabling output of imposed films or direct to our Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system for precision registration and quality press-ready plates.


Using the best printing presses and employing skilled craftsmanship, we are recognized as an international pace-setter in the industry. Our factory sites are equipped with a range of presses including the 6-colour, 7-colour and 8-colour Heidelberg presses and newly-added UV printing press.

Post - Press

Fansy offers all sorts of processing options to deliver look & feel that speaks strongly about your brand’s identity.

Hot-stamping & Embossing
Folding & Gluing
Quality Control

Fansy has been investing heavily in the most sophisticated machines in order to attain higher quality, while we still keep human inspections to eliminate defective products that machines cannot detect.

By carefully checking the sample, examining the color, and weeding out those boxes with scratches or flaw, we end the manufacturing process with extreme care and caution. 

At Fansy, a seamless production flow runs between our factory production areas to the warehouses. We have adopted an intelligent management system to pack finished goods into cartons safely. They are then transported to the warehouses ready for shipment and delivery. With our years of exporting experiences, we take all measures in ensuring products are protected and remain undamaged in transit. We have a variety of delivery options tailored to the customers’ needs and schedules. As a result, we export to over 60 cities in more than 15 countries internationally.

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