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Secure your food products with packaging boxes that do not contain any harmful materials that could affect the product or your customers. Our lines of food packaging boxes are made with certified food-grade materials to protect your customers, your products, and your brand.

Ivory board and white board materials, in particular, are sourced directly from Sweden and are made from fresh and safe raw materials. Environment-friendly Edison ink is used for printing labels and designs on the packaging, ensuring vivid prints without affecting the product inside.

We provide a hygiene workshop making boxes for Food Safe, Cosmetics and different kinds of high-end products that required dust-free and static conditions with advanced control system for air quality, temperature and humidity. Before entering the workshop, you need to change your dust-free clothes, put on your hat, put on your gloves, and go through the air shower room. To ensure that products in the production process pollution-free, hair-free. The workshop is also equipped with efficient insecticide lamps to prevent insects from entering the product.

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